OCH 036

(High Back Chair)

Rs. 57,975

Daffodil Sofa

3+2+1 (Fabric)

Rs. 133,900

Casper Sofa 3 Seater | 2 Seater

3 Seater | 2 Seater

Rs. 125,900

Decorate your interior with passionately perfected curviness of the Casper sofa. Beauty of the crisply upholstered low profile seating, neatly rounded arms with soft backrests brings admirable satisfaction. The piping outlining with the chrome detailed footing presents distinctive appeal to your interior.



  • 3 Seater: Length – 220cm | Width – 91cm | Height – 86cm
  • 2 Seater: Length – 182cm | Width – 91cm | Height – 86cm

Advantages of HR Foam

  • High Resiliency (HR Foam) is a high-grade open cell foam that generally ranges from 36 to 38 density.
  • HR Foams bounce back exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal support.
  • This foam distributes pressure across an entire surface, this helps sofa seats bounce back from constant heavy use.
  • The elasticity of HR Foam helps to retain the comfort of the sofa for a longer period.
  • Quality & Durability is guaranteed as this HR Foam is specially manufactured in Damro state of the art Manufacturing Plant.
  • Manufacturing of HR Foam is double the cost of ordinary foam.


  • 10 Years for Wooden Structure.
  • 3 Years for Fabric Upholstery and Cushions.
  • Warranty Covers Only Manufacturing Defects.



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