Estilo Lobby Seater


Rs. 32,800

Vegas Sofa

3 Seater (Fabric)

Rs. 180,900

Royse Sofa 3 Seater | 1 Seater | 1 Seater

3 Seater | 1 Seater | 1 Seater

Rs. 181,700



  • 3 Seater: Length – 229cm | Width – 92cm | Height – 83cm
  • 1 Seater: Length – 121cm | Width – 92cm | Height – 83cm

Advantages of HR Foam

  • High Resiliency (HR Foam) is a high-grade open cell foam that generally ranges from 36 to 38 density.
  • HR Foams bounce back exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal support.
  • This foam distributes pressure across an entire surface, this helps sofa seats bounce back from constant heavy use.
  • The elasticity of HR Foam helps to retain the comfort of the sofa for a longer period.
  • Quality & Durability is guaranteed as this HR Foam is specially manufactured in Damro state of the art Manufacturing Plant.
  • Manufacturing of HR Foam is double the cost of ordinary foam.


  • 10 Years for Wooden Structure.
  • 3 Years for Fabric Upholstery and Cushions.
  • Warranty Covers Only Manufacturing Defects.



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