Building Literates to the Society, vision for a better future.

We are South Asia’s largest furniture manufacturer and it is our customers’ loyalty and trust towards our brand that is responsible for our growth and stability. Therefore we always believe that it is our duty and responsibility to give back to the society; doing so we hope to uplift living standards of the less-fortunate in any way we can.  Hence we at Damro Group of Companies take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously; from the start we have always been committed towards social responsibility, however in 2012 we started a concept that is different, a unique concept that would build a better future for the youth and for the society.

Community Service Centres at rural settings is one such initiative by us at Damro Group of Companies as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility that has changed lives of many. Community Service Centre initiative that began in 2012 and now has centres that function at Dambadeniya, Urapola, Awissawella, Nittambuwa and in Loluwagoda. Each Community Service Centre consists of four main sections – a Gym, Library, Children Play Area and a Computer Training Centre. Community Service Centres have become a place of value to the people in general. Gym and Library in these Community Service Centres are two spaces that younger generation are interested in and hang out instead of loitering around across the city.

These Community Service Centres have trained number of children and youth with Computer knowledge, and some has hopes to continue to develop their skills further. During the years that these centres have continued, there have been number of students who has learnt and developed computer skills to a level where they could use what they learned in day to day lives and for future employment as well. Certificate Awards Ceremonies for the year 2016 for Community Service Centres in Loluwagoda, Dambadeniya and Pannala were completed successfully on 29th March 2016 where we were able to see many smiling faces that were proud about their achievements and grateful about the initiative taken by Damro Group of Companies.

It is not only Sri Lanka but the entire world is changing, and are marching towards a future that is more technology friendly. As Sri Lankans we are marching forward in the Information Technology sector; we see Sri Lankan born individuals being recognized for their efforts and their innovative thinking across the globe in the IT industry. There are many gifted children who have the capacity to do well in Information Technology yet they are incapable of following such education programme due to insufficient funds or resources to pursue their interests, this is due to the unavailability of institutions or Information Technology is not being taught at school or because the available institute or the interested education programme is not affordable. It is our awareness of this issue that led us to create these Community Service Centres in these rural settings.

Computer Training at Community Service Centre offers following programmes and these programmes are completely free to all individuals if they are within 4 Kilometres of the Community Service Centre. These programmes are trained by a qualified lecturers that are well experienced.

Programmes Offered by Community Service Centres

Community Service Centre 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
PANNALA   69       45
DAMBADENIYA 98 107 83 107 105 165
LOLUWAGODA     53 62 73 83
NITTAMBUWA   52 60 61 47 64
URAPOLA       63 71 69
GONAGALA     35 74 62 64

Community Service Centre initiative by us as mentioned above has changed lives of many individuals both children and young professionals alike preparing them for the future. Our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility will continue to grow changing lives to betterment. Community Service Centre initiative is one of our unique conceptualised creation that continues to serve the community as a part of our responsibility towards society.